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Hira Blue 5 Step solution for Bright and Young Skin (5 Pcs per set) Protection Status

Product Description:

 5 Step Perfect solution for the skin to look young, bright, and glowing.

A new touch of youthful skin innovation, For the skin to be juicy, full of water, With "Hira Blue"

Hira Blue Adjust the radiance of the skin. Helps restore and repair skin. 

With important natural extracts.

Step 1 - Hira blue micellar cleansing foam 30g

Cleansing foam is a facial cleansing product to thoroughly clean makeup, dust and oil. With advanced skin care that keeps your skin clean, smooth, oil-free, not dry, soft, strong, and helps reducing acne.

Step 2 - Hira blue ice awake essence water 40ml

Hira Blue Ice Awake Essence Water, Blue Water Serum, Complete Skin Care With extracts from under the glaciers in the mountains of Switzerland Helps to take care of the skin from fatigue. Along with 7 kinds of herbs, Jasmine Rice Extract, Homnil Rice, Rice Callus Culture Extract which is rich in vitamins and minerals combined with technology World-renowned skin extract Therefore helping to nourish the skin to look naturally radiant And have good skin health

- Helps restore skin

- Acne prevention

- Restore balance of skin, wrinkles fade

- Skin is moist

- Look radiant

How to use Hira Blue Ice Awake Essence Water: Pour Hira Blue Ice Awake Essence Water onto the palm, smooth over the face and neck.

Step 3 - Sida peptide Facial Serum 25ml

Sida is a concentrated serum that helps to protect the skin from UV rays, restore the skin to be smooth, reduce wrinkles under the eyes, wrinkles under the cheeks. It helps to brighten and whiten skin, reduce blemishes and help s restore damaged skin from UV light. Paraben free, does not contain formaldehyde and silicone, which can cause blockage of the skin.

The main components of the serum are, Hyaluronic Acid from algae, a component from Japan which is a natural plant extract that helps to control the production of fats on the skin. Reduce acne caused by stress and bacteria as well.

Seabuckthorn, a fruit that provides Omega 3,6,9, and 7. It also contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for skin nourishment.

Step 4 - Hira blue water cream 25ml (Day & Night Cream)

Hira Blue Water Cream, Hira Blue, an innovation combining premium natural power with Hyaluronic Acid from Japan, Bio Detox, the best antioxidant to nourish the skin and add moisture. Make the skin look full and radiant naturally.

- Make the skin firm

- Reduce wrinkles of age

- Rejuvenating dry skin

- Add moisture to the skin to be full

- Skin is smoother

- Brightens the skin

- Keep skin color consistent

How to use Hira Blue Water Cream: Apply to face skin in the morning and evening.

Step 5 – Hira Blue Sunscreen 10g

Hira Blue Sun Screen, Hira Blue Sunscreen SPF 50 PA ++, sunscreen, instantly matte, 1 level, light, non-sticky, easy to blend, waterproof and sweat maximum

- Brighten skin

- add water to the skin for 72 hours

- Moisturized, not sticky

- Light, comfortable skin

- No, it is not greasy during the day.

How to use Hira Blue Sun Screen: Apply all over the face before the sun for 10-15 minutes.


You will receive 5 products

1 x Hira blue micellar cleansing foam 30g

1 x Hira blue ice awake essence water 40ml

1 x Sida peptide Facial Serum 25ml

1 x Hira blue water cream 25ml (Day & Night Cream)

1 x Hira Blue Sunscreen 10g