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KISAA Plankton & Red Algae Baby Face Mask (10 sheets x 35 g) Protection Status

Product Details:

Plankton & Red Algae Baby Face Mask

Applying a new technology, it produces a silky soft and smooth mask paper that fits perfectly on the face and locks the essence into a three-layer sheets, releasing the active ingredients of the essence to the skin effectively.
Artemia Salina, a kind of plankton, the extract is effective in preventing skin damaged by the sun and reducing wrinkles. This kind of plankton is rich in GP4G, which can provide enough energy for the reconstruction and regeneration of skin cells.

Natural red algae extract, rich in taurine, extracted with the new extraction technology - regenerative high-temperature air combustion technology (supercritical carbon dioxide extraction) to ensure the most efficient extraction of the Taurine, which is more effective than other substances in refresh the skin.

1. Revitalize the skin to firm and smooth.
2.The skin is moisturized and bumped full of water.

1. Wash your face cleanly.
2. Peel the outer sheets out.
3. Apply the mask to the face and wait for 15-20 minutes.
4. Take the mask sheet out ,no need to wash after use. Then massage the face gently until the essence is completely absorbed.