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Product Details:

GLUTAX 8000000GS GOLDEN ULTIMATE is a white skin product that sees results. This is currently the most popular and latest glutathione !!!

Most of the white circles are from Glutax, the most popular brand at the moment. GLUTAX 8000000GS GOLDEN ULTIMATE Answers to the white and healthy word from the inside With 8,000,000 grams of glutathione, but not dangerous. There is also a Multivitamin, a multivitamin of 70,000 mg, Collagen, 30,000 mg of natural extracts, and 5,000 mg of growth factors that can also slow down aging. You will feel that your skin is white from the first time. There are no side effects of any kind—100% safety. Suitable for those who want beautiful, clear, firmer skin from the inside.

Highlights of Glutax 8000000GS besides
The highest milligram of glutathione contains 7,000 mg of SOD (short for Superoxide Dismutase) extracted from natural plants. It helps nourish the skin to shine bright. Clear skin reduces freckles, wrinkles, and acne; more importantly, it can protect cells against UV damage. Strengthen protection against both UVA and UVB as well as various pollutants. Thus helping to prevent DNA and collagen damage.

miRNA White Elements is a development of Glutax 180000gk that developed a new formula for maximum efficiency as RNA of small molecules up to 20-22 nucleotides that have been cut to a smaller size. It regulates the expression of genes that affect skin health by screening genes with similar structures. The human body helps nourish and repair the cellular systems and contributes to the skin's radiance. It has a radiant aura.



Skin whitening and brightening
Reduce acne/ pimples
Minimize pores
Healing of scar
Stimulate Collagen
Lightening dark spots

Composition : 

Ultrafiltration Glutathione 8000000 g
Alpha Lipoic Acid  100000 mg
Epidermal Growth Factor 5000 mg
Kojic Acid 20000 mg
Multivitamin 80000 mg
Natural Collagen 40000 mg
Selenium 20000 mg
Crithmum maritimum Cells CIC2 100000 mg
SOD 8000 mg
miRNA White Element  50000 mg

Net Content: 1 BOX1 Box including 10 Injection Sets


(1 Injection Set = 2 ampoules + 2 vials)

Recommended :

This product is administered intravenously (IV) or intramuscular (IM). Using one time per week. (Always consult your physician).


Not Suitable For:

– Breast feeder
– Injection on women's period
– Allergy to vitamins (any kind)
– Patient with cardiovascular problem