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Novy Broccoli Dietary Supplement Weight Loss Shape Care (3 packs x 10 Caps) Protection Status

Product Details:

Novy broccoli, the new choice of shape carers That helps to take care of the body exactly! With extracts from broccoli, vegetables that have a lot of fiber Make it full longer and excrete easily Is another good aid for those who want to control weight There are also antioxidants. Helps nourish the skin without wrinkling And still look young all the time.

- Eat less
- Firming
- Anti-oxidants
- Help control weight
- Bright radiant skin
- With high fiber, helping to last longer
- Help to firming
- Helps reduce the symptoms of discoloration

Why Brocolli:

For those who want to control weight, Broccoli is a great help as it contains high fiber vegetable. Making it full longer because of the high fiber, Helps to reduce constipation because of high fiber, Nourish the skin to shine bright.

Important components:

- Garcinia Cambogia Extract

- Broccoli Powder

- Cactus extract powder

- Kelp seaweed powder

- Chili Extract

- Vitamin B6

How to eat

- For people who want to control weight: Eat 1 capsule morning before breakfast.

- For people who want to lose weight: eat before breakfast 1 tablet and before lunch 1 Tablet per day.

The offer is for 3 boxes of NOVY BROCOLLI (3 boxes x 10 capsules) 30 Capsules.

Registration number. : 13-1-12560-5-0017