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Aimmura Sesamin Supplement Extract from Black sesame 60 Capsules Protection Status

Product Details:

EMURA AIMMURA Sesamin is a dietary supplement which is the result of famous research. And this research has discovered “Sesamin” is an extract from black sesame seeds. It has been patented around the world, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, USA. AIMMURA products include black sesame, black rice bran and jasmine rice flour. It is a formula that contains the perfect ingredients that make "Sesamin" work at its full potential. To help restore your overall health care for you, genuine sesamin must be AIMMURA from Ayara Planet only.

Research by Prof. Dr. Prachit Kongthawalert, Director of Research Unit of Excellence in Tissue Engineering and Stem Cells of Thailand (Thailand Excellence Center for Tissue Engineering and stem Cells), Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine. Chiang Mai University And also served as a consultant for research and product development for Iyara Planet.


  1. Sesamin stimulates fat burning (Fatty Acid Oxidation).
  2. Reduces cholesterol (Reduction of Cholesterol) in both the synthesis inhibition. And cholesterol absorption
  3. Reduces blood fat (Hypolipidemic Effect)
  4. Help enhance the efficiency of vitamin E up to 10 times (Enhancement of Vitamin E) suitable for developing as a cosmetic
  5. Sesamin protects the nervous system (Neuroprotective Effect) by inhibiting the anaerobic action of amyloid proteins, thus providing a mechanism that helps prevent Alzheimer's disease.
  6. Prevent oxygen depletion and high free radicals (Effect on Hypoxic and Oxidative Stress).
  7. High in antioxidants (Antioxidant Effect)
  8. Sesamin has an anti-inflammatory effect (Anti - Inflammatory Effect).

In addition, black sesame contains many other nutrients  such as  amino acids (methionin), iron ore, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and B vitamins.


Take 2 capsules twice a day (morning and evening) about 30 minutes before meals.

Size: 60 Capsules