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Amado Completo Cocoa Protection Status

Product Details:

Amado Completo Cocoa is a delicious and convenient way to help control hunger and reduce cravings. Packed with extracts and nutrients, this product is designed to help you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time.


  • Contains L-Phenylalanine: This amino acid helps to reduce appetite and cravings, making it easier to stick to a healthy diet.
  • Pea Protein from Canada: This plant-based protein source helps to reduce hunger and promote a feeling of fullness.
  • Cocoa Powder: The cocoa in this product helps you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time, reducing fussy eating.
  • Rich in Vitamins: Amado Completo Cocoa is packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, and E, as well as zinc and iron.
  • Delicious Hot or Cold: You can enjoy Amado Completo Cocoa hot or cold, depending on your preference. Simply mix it with water or milk to create a tasty and satisfying drink.
  • 1 Sachet contains only 40 Kcal.

Key Ingredients:

L-Phenylalanine. Pea Protein, Cocoa Powder, Almond Powder, Milk Protein, Garcinia Extract,  vitamins B1, B2, and B6, as well as zinc and iron.

Directions: Take 1 sachet (10 grams) per day, dissolve 1 sachet in 250 ml of normal temperature water or hot water and stir until dissolved.

Content: 10 Sachets

FDA Registration Number: 12-1-14263-5-0218