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Amado H Collagen TriPeptide 100g (4 Packs) Protection Status

Product Details:

Dietary supplement product (H-Collagen brand) uses premium grade collagen raw material and try-peptide collagen produced and imported from Korea. By collagen extracted from deep sea fish With a smaller molecule size than general collagen So it is easy to be absorbed into the small intestine To enter the body as much as possible and as quickly as possible, so it has the ability to restore the skin better than general products when eating the same amount, colorless, sugarless, easily dissolved, mixed with cold water Made and imported from Korea Certification Manufacturing standards from Samsung Marine & Insurance with the highest assurance of quality and safety. From korea


  • Contains vitamin C Helps to increase the efficiency in the absorption of collagen into the body even more.
  • Contains SOD that comes from a concentrated extract of special melon strains from France.
  • Recognized in world academic journals as the most important antioxidant
  • Build flexibility Of skin cells, making the skin smooth, soft, firm and smooth

How to eat:

  • Take 1-2 scoops of collagen powder, pour into 250 ml of water, stir until clear and ready to drink. (The amount of collagen that the body needs 10,000 mg / day or 2 scoops)


  • Children and pregnant / breastfeeding women should not eat.
  • Should eat a wide variety of food for 5 food groups in the right proportions on a regular basis.
  • People with seafood and protein allergy or a history of allergic reaction to any ingredient in the product. People with all kinds of medical conditions Should consult a doctor Before choosing to eat products.
  • It has no effect in preventing or treating diseases.

FDA number 12-4-00661-5-0019

You will receive 4 Packs of Amado H Collagen TriPepride 100g (4 x 110.88g)