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Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser Protection Status

Product Details:

Innovative cosmeceutical, clean, concealer, pH 4.5 water formula "both wash and nourish in one"

Araya's products are cosmetic medicine that has been certified by the FDA. And tested by dermatologists from Dermscan Asia which is gentle for all skin types and Suitable to be used to clean the exterior while bathing every day. Not having long-term side effects.

Araya is an innovation for caring for hidden spots more than cleansing. Araya products are gentle, do not damage the skin, and help adjust the pH balance to be effective because it inhibits bacteria twice as the cause of leucorrhoea and odor, while also restoring hidden spots. Nano Vitamin can be used every day. Every daycare for the hidden health points that are the same.

Araya Cleanser products can be used for people with sensitive skin. Because it has been tested by dermatologists from Dermscan Asia that is gentle for all skin types without 4 irritating substances.

Paraben Free (Paraben free)

Silicone Free

Color Free (without color)

Soap (free from alkaline soap)


Effective results after use

  • Helps reduce unwanted odors
  • Protects from bacteria twice more
  • Stops itching, irritations
  • Maintains moisture, and does not dry out or Greasy
  • Strengthen the skin's armor. Keeps the skin stronger
  • Maintains the pH balance of the intimate area
  • Water-based formula, gentle, safe
  • Suitable for even the most sensitive skin


Apply thoroughly to your private area after a shower.

Content: 100 ml or 200 ml

Cleanser 200 ml. Can be used for about 4 months.

Cleanser 100 ml. Can be used for about 2 months.