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Auswelllife SHEEP PLACENTA Max 50000 mg. 60 capsules Protection Status

Product Details:

Auswelllife sheep 50000 mg Concentrated placenta 50,000 mg
Vitamins for youth Placenta ... is a ... vitamins, therapies - deep regeneration of skin cells. The face and skin bounce baby.
50,000 mg concentrated placenta in the world at this time. Challenge you to prove the results only the first month to eat. Full absorption of skin surface smooth bounce. Slippery like a spa.
- Reduce wrinkles, skin deepening than cream.
- The skin is smooth and clear skin.
- Restores skin from dryness.
- Reduce wrinkles.
- Reduce scars.
- Reduce dark spots, freckles.
- face acne shallow skin
- The face is easy to make.
- Brighten skin with pink look healthy.
- Aura skin throughout the body look healthy.
- Skin tightness, body skin bounce and look down.
- Fixing a shabby face from a late night sleep.
- Helps to slow down aging.
- Helps reduce wrinkles. Crow's feet
Eat 1 tablet a day before breakfast.
Size: 1 Bottle - 60 capsules