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BE.U Dietary Supplementary 500mg Protection Status

Product Details:

BE.U - Dietary Supplementary 500mg 30capsules Accelerate beauty, restore skin clarity and shape from BU, and add collagen to firm skin. It helps to provide moisture, add antioxidants, reduce melasma, freckles, and dark spots, and increase metabolism for a firm and firm figure.


BE.U - Dietary Supplementary 500mg  30capsules Dietary supplement for beautiful and clear skin rich in various natural extracts that help strengthen and restore skin cells to be beautiful and healthy from the inside out. Ready to add collagen to make the skin firm. Wrinkles look faded; freckles, dark spots, and reduced spots make the shape more compact and strengthen muscles.


  • increase blood flow Skin cells are young. Every organ is stronger
  • balancing hormones, important substances that help cells in the body to repair themselves effectively
  • Contains a variety of antioxidants. Prevent the deterioration of the body and reduce the damage of cancer
  • Metabolism works better. firmer shape strengthens muscles
  • Smoother skin Blemishes and bones fade. pores smaller


Take two capsules daily before breakfast.

Content: 30 Capsules

FDA Registration: 11-1-14153-1-0207