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Chame Gluta Glow Protection Status

Product Details:

Introducing Chame Gluta Glow, an advanced plant-based supplement encapsulated to preserve its potency against moisture, acids, enzymes, and temperature. Crafted without the use of chemical coatings, these capsules are designed to release their beneficial substances slowly, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Ideal for those seeking a natural solution, Chame Gluta Glow is a comprehensive blend of carefully selected ingredients to enhance skin health and radiance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced Formulation: Crafted with a proprietary blend of powerful, natural components.
  • Environmental Resistance: Designed to withstand moisture, acids, enzymes, and temperature variations for maximum effectiveness.
  • Slow-Release Technology: Ensures a gradual release of beneficial substances for prolonged skin nourishment.
  • Odor Masking: Coating-free capsules that not only resist environmental factors but also mask any undesirable smells, providing a pleasant experience after consumption.

Results can be seen from 2-4 weeks. Feel the change in results depending on each person.


  • L-Glutathione: Inhibits the activity of the tyrosinase enzyme, promoting lighter skin and strengthening the immune system. Assists in eliminating toxins in the body.
  • Sea Buckthorn Extract: Repairs skin at the cellular level, imparting beauty, radiance, and smoothness. Fades wrinkles and restores skin cells.
  • Apricot Powder: Fights free radicals, strengthens immunity, and reduces the risk of heart and blood vessel-related diseases.
  • Olive Extract: Powerful antioxidants stimulate collagen creation, providing skin-healing benefits.
  • Licorice Extract: Brightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, fights inflammation, and neutralizes free radicals, contributing to a radiant complexion.
  • Acerola Cherry Extract: Reduces inflammation caused by UV rays, boosts collagen, and acts as a skin healer, protecting against pollution.
  • Zinc: Aids in wound repair, reduces inflammation, and helps control oiliness to address acne problems.
  • Q10: Slows down bodily deterioration, supports heart function, and nourishes the heart and brain.

Additional Benefits:

  • Helps adjust uneven skin tone, promoting a white and bright complexion.
  • Moisturizes the skin, addressing issues of dryness.
  • Solves problems related to dark skin, uneven skin tone, and sun-induced pigmentation.
  • Controls oiliness, reducing acne problems and minimizing pores.


  • Visible results can be observed within 2-4 weeks, with individual variations.

How to Consume:

  • Take 1 capsule per day.

Packaging Information:

  • Each capsule contains 596 mg.
  • Energy per sachet: 0 kcal.

Chame Gluta Glow offers a holistic approach to skincare with its carefully curated plant-based ingredients. Designed to tackle various skin concerns, these capsules are your daily companion for achieving a radiant, even-toned complexion and overall skin health.

Content: 30 Capsules

FDA Registration Number: 13-1-24164-5-0036

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