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Clear Scalpceuticals Hair Fall Resist Set Protection Status

Product Details:

Elevate your hair care routine to a new level of excellence with Clear Scalpceuticals Hair Fall Resist Shampoo, Conditioner, and Serum - a three-step powerhouse designed to combat hair fall and nurture your hair from root to tip. Crafted with meticulous care, this advanced hair regimen mirrors the precision of skincare techniques, promising you confident and beautiful hair that stays with you through thick and thin. Powered by Follilock technology and enriched with a blend of essential vitamins, including A, C, and E, along with potent antioxidants, this system is clinically proven to fortify hair anchorage, stimulate new and robust growth, and visibly reduce hair fall for a fuller, healthier mane.


  • Follilock Technology: Clinically proven to strengthen hair anchorage, stimulate new and stronger hair growth, and visibly reduce hair fall.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E: Enriched with powerful antioxidants, these vitamins protect against environmental stressors, nourishing the scalp and contributing to overall hair health.
  • Gentle Formulation: Specially formulated for everyday use, this gentle regimen ensures consistent care without parabens and dyes.
  • Visible Thickness: Experience visibly thicker hair volume, boosting confidence and creating a fuller, more radiant appearance.
  • Deep Purification and Nourishment: The shampoo and conditioner work synergistically to deeply purify and nourish the scalp and hair, promoting healthier and stronger strands.

Main Ingredients:

  1. Vitamin A: Supports a healthy scalp and encourages sebum production, promoting overall hair follicle health.
  2. Vitamin C: Boosts collagen production, enhancing hair strength and preventing breakage.
  3. Vitamin E: An antioxidant that protects hair from damage, ensuring optimal hair health.
  4. Follilock Technology: Clinically proven to fortify hair anchorage, stimulate robust growth, and reduce hair fall.
  5. Sunflower Seed Oil: Nourishes and moisturizes the hair, promoting shine and manageability.
  6. Niacinamide: Enhances blood circulation to the scalp, supporting hair growth and overall hair health.
  7. Biotin: Promotes hair thickness and strength, reducing the risk of hair breakage.
  8. Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract: Rich in antioxidants, it contributes to a healthier scalp and hair.

Clear Scalpceuticals Hair Fall Resist system isn't just a hair care regimen; it's a commitment to healthier, more resilient hair. The integration of Follilock technology and a vitamin-enriched formula ensures that your hair receives the attention it deserves, promoting visible thickness, strength, and an overall radiant appearance. Say goodbye to hair fall worries and hello to a new era of hair confidence.


  1. Shampoo: Apply to wet hair and scalp, massage gently, and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.
  2. Conditioner: Apply after shampooing, focusing on lengths and ends. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.
  3. Serum: Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair, concentrating on the ends. Do not rinse. Use daily for optimal results.

Tip: For best results, incorporate this 3-step system into your daily hair care routine. Consistency is key to achieving and maintaining healthier, stronger hair.

Content: Shampoo 300 Ml.+ Conditioner 300 Ml.+ Serum 45 M

FDA Registration Numbers: 11-1-6500007412/11-1-6500007413/11-1-6500007414

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