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Dii Botania No.3 Brahmi

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Product Details:

Dii Botania No.3 Brahmi 30 Capsules Dietary supplement with three herbs, brain nourishing formula from Dii helps protect nerve cells and the brain. Decrease the breakdown of neurotransmitters that memory aid. Increase blood flow to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the brain.


Dii Botania No.3 Brahmi 30 Capsules Bacopa Monnieri Extract Dietary Supplement Yamabuchitake mushrooms and ginkgo leaves nourish the brain and memory. In Thailand, a community survey found that 49.82% of people older than 50 years old are a common cause of degeneration of the nervous system itself or including caused by abnormalities of blood vessels in the brain.

 Ingredients (in 1 capsule 375 mg.):

  • Bacopa mii extract 150 mg.
  • Yamabuchitake Mushroom Extract 90 mg.
  • Ginkgo biloba extract 60 mg.


Take one capsule daily before bedtime.

Content: 30 Capsules

FDA Registration: 27-1-02761-5-0196