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Dii No.3 Pony Protection Status

Product Details:

Dii No.3 Pony 30 Capsules is a dietary supplement product formulated to take care of strong and shiny hair from D.I. Rich in vitamins and essential extracts; it helps to take care of your hair to be strong. It helps to reduce the lack of shedding. Ready to strengthen the hair structure to be strong and shiny in the hair growth stage.


Dii No.3 Pony 30 Capsules Vitamin supplement formula helps nourish the hair to be strong and shiny with the key ingredients. Horsetail extract Blackcurrant extract, biotin, multivitamins, and minerals help to strengthen the hair from the internal structure. It promotes hair to receive nutrients necessary for growth and shine, helps reduce lack of hair loss, and reduces the chances of premature graying of hair.


  • Strengthen the structure of the hair to be strong and shiny during the hair growth phase.
  • Slow down the lack of hair loss in the hair growth phase.
  • Strengthen new hair growth after the hair loss phase.
  • Important vitamins and extracts help to maintain healthy hair. Helps reduce hair loss.


Take one capsule per day before bedtime.

Content: 30 Capsules

FDA Registration: 27-1-02761-5-0172