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Doctorlogy Sun Gluta Collagen Protection Status

Product Details:

Introducing Doctorlogy Sun Gluta Collagen, an innovative sunscreen formulated with a medical-grade blend of natural extracts and vitamins to safeguard sensitive skin from the sun's harmful rays. Crafted with a focus on skin health, this sunscreen shields against UV damage and revitalizes and nourishes, promoting a radiant and even complexion.


  • Advanced Sun Protection: Shields against Multi UV rays, preventing sunburn and long-term skin damage.
  • Skin Revitalization: Enriched with a potent combination of sea buckthorn oil, rose hips extract, blood orange extract, grapefruit extract, cactus extract, tomato extract, and pomegranate extract to rejuvenate and restore skin vitality.
  • Dark Spot Reduction: Formulated with 100% L-Glutathione and marine fish collagen dipeptide to target and diminish dark spots caused by sun exposure and acne.
  • Acne Prevention: Helps prevent breakouts triggered by sunburn, maintaining clear and blemish-free skin.
  • Soothing Sun Allergies: Calms sun-allergic skin and reduces redness, providing lasting comfort under the sun.

Main Ingredients:

  • Sea Buckthorn Oil: Rich in antioxidants, it nourishes and protects the skin from environmental stressors.
  • Rose Hips Extract: Brightens the complexion and supports skin regeneration for a youthful appearance.
  • Blood Orange Extract: Helps combat free radicals and promotes a healthy skin barrier.
  • L-Glutathione 100%: Enhances skin radiance and defends against oxidative damage.
  • Marine Fish Collagen Dipeptide: Boosts skin elasticity and hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Grapefruit Extract: Provides additional antioxidant protection and promotes skin clarity.
  • Cactus Extract: Soothes and hydrates the skin, reducing inflammation and irritation.
  • Tomato Extract: Rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps to improve skin texture and tone.
  • Pomegranate Extract: Fights signs of aging and helps brighten the skin, leaving it youthful and refreshed.

Doctorlogy Sun Gluta Collagen is your essential companion for maintaining healthy, luminous skin during any outdoor activity. Its two-layer capsule technology and potent blend of natural ingredients ensure maximum protection and nourishment for your skin.


  • Take 1 capsule daily every morning to fortify your skin from within.
  • Incorporate into your daily skincare routine for enhanced sun protection and radiant skin.

Content: 28 Capsules

FDA Registration Number: 71-1-02462-50244        

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