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DONUTT Kale-Collagen

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Product Details:

DONUTT Kale-Collagen Dietary Supplement: Nourishment Beyond Greens

Treat your body to a nutritional feast with DONUTT Kale-Collagen, the innovative dietary supplement that makes incorporating vegetables into your diet a breeze. Packed with 17 types of fruits and vegetables, this supplement is a powerhouse of essential vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, making it an ideal choice for those with veggie aversions. Crafted with a blend of four collagen types, including peptide and tripeptide, coupled with shark cartilage and calcium L-threonate, this supplement goes beyond skin-deep benefits to invigorate your body, support collagen production, and fortify knee joints.


  • Complete Nutritional Blend:

    • 17 fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals.
    • Dietary fiber aids toxin elimination.
  • Advanced Collagen Mix:

    • 4 types of collagen, including peptide and tripeptide.
    • Shark cartilage and calcium L-threonate for joint and skin health.
  • Kale Power:

    • Calcium-rich kale aids bone strength.
    • Omega-3s and antioxidants help prevent cancerous tumors.
    • Vitamins C, B, K, PP, and essential microelements.

Main Ingredients:

  • Collagen Peptides (3000.00 mg):

    • Supports skin elasticity and joint health.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Powder (1200.00 mg):

    • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Calcium L-threonate (700.00 mg):

    • Strengthens bones and supports collagen production.
  • Kale Powder (500.00 mg):

    • High calcium absorption for bone health.
    • Omega-3s and antioxidants for a healthier body.


  1. Dosage: Take 2 scoops (10 grams) daily.
  2. Mixing: Dissolve in 150 ml of room temperature or cold water.
  3. Consumption: Stir until fully dissolved and drink on an empty stomach before breakfast.


  • Not for Pregnant Women: Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Consultation Advised: Consult a doctor if taking other medications.
  • Monitor Symptoms: Discontinue if abnormal symptoms occur and consult a doctor.
  • Seafood Allergies: Not suitable for individuals with seafood allergies.

Embrace the wholesome benefits of DONUTT Kale-Collagen, a symphony of nutrition tailored for those seeking an easy and delicious way to enhance their well-being. Elevate your daily routine with the goodness of greens without compromise.


This is a dietary supplement that has no use or effect to prevent or cure any disease.

Content: 120 g

FDA Registration Number: 11-1-11259-5-0099

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