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Dr.Pong 35 MVF Fiber Protection Status

Product Details:

Introducing Dr.PONG 35 MVF fiber, your ultimate solution for digestive wellness. Crafted with precision, this vegetable and fruit powder blend is a powerhouse of over 35 prebiotic concentrated extracts meticulously chosen to support your gut health and overall vitality. Enriched with high-fiber Psyllium Husk and Fructooligosaccharide, alongside a diverse mix of 35 fruits and vegetables, it's designed to nurture a flourishing gut microbiome while promoting sustained intestinal balance.


  • Comprehensive Digestive Support: With over 35 prebiotic extracts, it fosters a healthy gut environment for optimal digestion.
  • Rich in Fiber: Psyllium Husk fiber aids in regular bowel movements and supports digestive regularity.
  • Prebiotic Powerhouse: Nourishes beneficial gut bacteria, enhancing overall digestive wellness.
  • Nutrient-Dense Formula: A blend of 35 fruits and vegetables delivers essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Convenient Packaging: Individual packets offer on-the-go convenience for effortless daily consumption.


  • Fructooligosaccharide 95%: Acts as a prebiotic, supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Psyllium Husk Fiber: Promotes bowel regularity and aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
  • 35 Mixed Fruit and Vegetables: Provides diverse nutrients, bolstering overall health and well-being.

Experience the difference with Dr.PONG 35 MVF fiber. Dissolve one packet in water daily to embark on your journey to enhanced digestive wellness and vitality.


  • Tear open one packet of Dr.PONG 35 MVF fiber.
  • Pour the contents into a glass containing 150 ml of water or more, as desired.
  • Stir the mixture with a spoon until fully dissolved.
  • Consume the solution once daily, either on an empty stomach or after a meal, as per your preference.

Content: 10 Sachets

FDA Registration Number: 12-1-25864-5-0154 

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