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Ezerra PLUS Cream - availabe in 25g & 50g Protection Status

Product description

Cream for children with very dry skin problems. Lack of lipids in the ceramide group That may cause itching, Ezerra Plus does not contain steroids, does not color, does not smell, does not contain paraben preservatives No irritation Safe for young children Can be used regularly in the long run.

Important substances in Ezerera Plus

Tripeptide helps revitalize the skin. With the production of natural peptides, such as Human Beta Defene Scene 2 and Human Beta Define Scene 3, which are beneficial for skin function

Laboratory tests confirm the efficacy of tripeptide in stimulating production. Human beta defenses 2 and human beta defenses 3 have increased by 26% and 10% respectively when compared to the control group. Causing very dry skin back to look healthy Has more moisture Resulting in the skin armor to function well

SK Influx is a lipid composed of ceramides of type 1, 3, 6-II, cholesterol, free fatty acids. And Phytosphingosai Packed in a bio-membrane with a natural lipid-like structure and ratio in the skin Adding ceramide to the skin Helps increase the bonding strength and strength to the skin armor Including better moisture retention in the skin

Is grain wax Sheer butter And Argan Oil Formulation of natural extracts That has been developed for sensitive and sensitive skin Sensitive to irritation

Natural extracts Saccharide Isomerate From glucose derivatives of plants Is a moisturizing agent that has the same structure as the natural moisturizing agent in our skin layers Developed to be effective in attracting, storing, and maintaining a stable moisture balance in all environments.

In a laboratory study, saccharide isomerate has better moisture retention than the control group. And comparison groups such as urea and glycerin significantly, p <0.01 b in the relative humidity range between 15-75%, thus protecting the skin to be moist, not dry.

How to use

Apply face and body as often as needed. Or according to the advice of doctors and pharmacists