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FITNE Sweet Stevia Sweetener for Cooking Protection Status

Product Details:

FITNE’ Sweet Stevia Sweetener for Cooking (Intense Sweetener) 250 g.


FITNE' Sweet Stevia for Cooking instead of sugar cane is suitable for health care, weight control, or diabetics. It is used For cooking on the stove with heat or as a sweetener in general food and beverages so that every menu is healthy.

  • Stevia leaf extract (Stevia), sweet from nature...for good health
  • provides 0 calories
  • Easy to add...1 teaspoon of Fitne Sweets (0 calories) is as sweet as one teaspoon of granulated sugar (16 calories) per spoon as before; no need to change your sugar consumption habits.
  • Convenient…for cooking on the stove with high heat or adding a sweet flavor to beverages - food.
  • Suitable for health care, weight control, or diabetics.

    Key Ingredients:

    Maltodextrin 97.81% Non-nutritive ingredients, Steviol Glycosides 2.05%, Sweetener (steviol glycosides), excipients (maltodextrin), flavor enhancer (ethyl maltol), stabilizer (modified starch).


    Used to mix drinks and food instead of sugar. Using one teaspoon (0.6 grams) of the product provides 0 calories of energy.

    • Can be used for diabetics / Good for diabetics
    • For adult use only/For adult use only
    • Can be used to cook on the heat stove / Suitable for cooking
    • FITNE' Sweet 1 teaspoon (0 calories) = 1 teaspoon sugar

    Good to know...useful:

    • Stevia is a special natural herb. In the part of the leaves, it is 15 times sweeter than sugar, and most importantly, stevia leaf extract (Stevioside) tastes 300 times sweeter than sugar but provides 0 calories, while sugar 1 A teaspoon provides 16 calories.
    • Stevia also helps reduce fat in blood vessels. Reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, power boost and helps heal wounds both internally and externally; most importantly, it is safe for the body because it is a sweetness derived from 100% natural herbs.

    Content: Net weight 250 grams

    Registration Number: 10-1-25830-1-0130