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FITNE Topping Fiber Protection Status

Product Details:

Instantly turn all your favorite daily food and drink into collagen-rich of your choices with FITNE’ Topping Fiber. Getting FIT and firm is now easy and convenient every day and everywhere. No matter what meal you are, you can be fit and firm all day with Fitne Topping Fiber as a top-up. Easy to add to your favorite food. Gives the full value of easily anywhere without disturbing the taste of your favorite meal.

  • Super-High Fiber 4,500 mg.
  • Top-up your favorite food&drink!
  • For those who take care of their shape and do not like to eat vegetables
  • Convenient and easy to fill in all your favorite menus right away.
  • Does not affect the taste of food and drink

    Key Ingredients:

    Inulin 99.60%

    Useful to Know:

    Inulin is a water-soluble dietary fiber found in whole grains, nuts, some fruits, and vegetables (e.g., chicory root, mushrooms, onions, garlic, bananas, Oranges, apples, prunes, strawberries, etc.) have properties that help the excretory system to be normal and as food for microorganisms that are beneficial to the body. Nutritionists recommend 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day, but most people eat only two-thirds of their fiber needs. Because if we have to eat vegetables to get all the fiber that the body needs.

    Because dietary fiber is important Production of dietary supplements such as dietary fiber is very popular. Good fiber can help sweep the digestive tract, causing fat and toxins to be excreted from the body. Helps increase food waste to have more mass Easy to move through the colon out of the body easily. and helps delay the absorption of glucose not passing through the wall of the small intestine too quickly. Therefore, it benefits people with diabetes and those who are losing weight. Can help absorb heavy metal substances that are harmful to the body. Restore the balance of health and shape to look good as well.


    Empty FITNE’ Topping into your favorite food or drink and enjoy!

    Content: 2 g.x 10 Sachets / 2 g.x 20 Sachets

    Registration Number: 10-1-25830-1-0106