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FITNE Topping White Kidney Bean Extract Protection Status

Product Details:

Instantly turn all your favorite daily food and drink into the low-carb of your choices with FITNE’s Topping White Kidney Bean Extract. Getting FIT is now easy and convenient every day and everywhere. No matter what meal you are, you can be fit without worries all day with Fitne Topping, extracted from white kidney beans in the form of a top-up Easy to add to your favorite food or drink without worrying even heavy meals (rice, noodles, pasta, bread, etc.) ...Fitness is convenient anywhere. Does not interfere with the delicious taste.

  • Contains White Kidney Bean Extract 500 mg.
  • Convenient and easy, fill up all your favorite menus immediately.
  • Does not affect the taste of food and beverages
  • For those who take care of their shape but like to eat starchy foods

    Key Ingredients:

    White Kidney Bean Extract  500 mg.

    Useful to Know:

    White kidney bean extract called “Phaseolamin” contributes (starch block) to inhibit enzyme activity. This is responsible for digesting starch into sugar, so the starch we eat is not digested and is excreted from the body without energy. In addition, news bean extract also contributes to helping reduce new fat formation. Helps to bring out the accumulated old fat to burn well. Help nourish the brain. Make blood sugar levels normal Help reduce levels of triglycerides


    Empty FITNE’ Topping into your favorite food or drink and enjoy!

    Content: 2 g.x8 Sachets / 2 g.x 16 Sachets

    Registration Number: 20-2-01164-5-0003