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Garden Me BLOSSOM GDM Whitening GEL 20ml.

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Product Details:

Garden Me BLOSSOM GEL Has a gel texture And has the property of clear blue serum from hydrangea flowers Mixed pink cherry blossom beet Soft and gentle Fragrance of flowers Combined with the nourishment from more than 12 different flower extracts, such as Madonna lily, Peony, Arnica, Daisy, Rape Flower, Edelweiss, Myrothamnus, Narcissus, Lotus, Honey suckle, Cherry blossom and Violet. Quality extraction consisting

Plankton extract has undergone a biotechnology process to obtain Marine Exopolysaccharide extracted from deep plankton from the Brittany coast, France Providing pure extracts Help revitalize tired skin to return to bright and lively.

Sodium Hyaluronate, a natural moisturizing substance present in the skin. With properties helping to maintain moisture in the skin Causing the skin to not become dry

Morus alba or White mulberry extract gently exfoliates the dull skin. Reduce dark spots Adjust the color of the skin to be clear and even naturally.

It helps the pores to be smooth, firm, revealing radiant skin. Give the skin moisture, smooth from the first touch, help nourish the skin to be radiant. Reduce dark spots Protects against the loss of collagen in the skin which is the cause of premature aging problems and keeps the skin looking clear and even naturally.

 Size: 20ml.