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GLUTAX 42000000GS Supreme Pico Cell Absorption Protection Status

Product Details:

GLUTAX 42000000 GS

Supreme Pico Cell Absorption

The best Glutax for white, pink skin like a newborn baby. Invented by experts in the field, it is filled with dense ingredients. The research team Tested for a long time, And the best in the Glutax family, fast results in 6 sets, which consist of Glutathione up to 42000000 nano tiny particles. Which makes the body Absorb three times faster than usual. Plant stem cells stem cells from the minor subunits of plants. It helps repair cells from the inside out. Natural collagen tripeptide is a complex collagen peptide. That is superior to general collagen. It Solves the problem of rough wrinkles and adds moisture to the skin from head to toe.


  • Your skin will be firmer and smoother.
  • Reduce dark spots. Dark spots from darkened skin.
  • Fix small wrinkles and protect the skin to make it soft, smooth, and firm.
  • Reduce dark circles under the eyes.
  • Skin and lips will be pink.
  • Anti-aging, sagging skin.
  • Restore and nourish the skin to make it flexible, smooth, beautiful, healthy skin.
  • Prevent the skin from decaying.
  • Improve wound healing so scars fade.


  • Supreme Pico Natural Collagen Tetrapeptide 100000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Minerals Multivitamins200000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Dna White Elements 200000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Marine -D3 100000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Life Cell 100000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Vitamin D&E 10000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Pro Coenzyme Q10 100000mg
  • Supreme Pico Alpha Lipoic Acid 5000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Multi plant Peptide 150000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Plant Stem Cell 100000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Glutathione S-transferases 42000000 mg
  • Supreme Pico Marine Phytoplankton 10000 mg


Use IV or IM, one at a time, 1-2 times a week, with one box used six times.

(This one can be used sparingly to see results. But if you really want to be white, you can use it frequently.)

Gradually reduce to 1-2 monthly sessions when white enough to your satisfaction.

Content: 1 box contains 6 sets (1 set consist of 5 Ampoules + 1 Vial)

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