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Hoka Rainbow Collagen Protection Status

Product Details:

With 24 ultra-premium ingredients for clean, bright, and healthy skin, Hoka Rainbow Collagen is the newest kind of premium collagen. The more you consume, the more silky white, glowing skin you get. Collagen dissolves and absorbs fast since it is fat-free.


It aids in the removal of acne scars and wrinkles. It maintains firm, hydrated, smooth, bright, and silky white skin.
It encourages the growth of new skin cells to replace those with dark patches. The seven distinct colored and flavored sachets include work to enhance aura, and soft, bouncy skin, nourish the hair and nails, and lessen acne inflammation.

Key Ingredients:

24 super premium extracts, including L-Glutathione, Alpha L ipoa iC, L-Glutamine, ACa i berry, Zinc, L-cysteine, Vit C + Alpha L ipoic, Q10 + Alpha Lipoic, Collagen dipeptide + tripeptide, L-Zylteine, L-cysteine, bilberry, cranberry, acai, black currant, Vitamin C, ceramic rice and more.


Take one sachet per day by dissolving in normal temperature water or cold water and drinking on an empty stomach.

Content: 105 g (15g x 7 Sachets)