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Jenno Gluta Astra Protection Status

Product Details:

Introducing JENNO GLUTA ASTRA, your all-in-one solution for radiant, acne-free skin. This unique formula, enriched with carefully selected Japanese extracts, serves as a skin brightener and an effective acne treatment, all encapsulated in a single jar. Offering a potent blend of 8 skin-loving ingredients, JENNO GLUTA ASTRA is not just a skincare product; it's a transformative experience for your skin.


  • Radiant, Sun-Kissed Skin: Achieve a fairer complexion with improved skin clarity by 2-3 levels.
  • Hydrated Aura: Experience deep skin hydration that gives your complexion a luminous aura.
  • Smooth and Soft Texture: Feel the difference with skin that's irresistibly smooth and soft to the touch.
  • Acne Reduction: Combat acne from within, reducing dark spots and redness and tightening pores.
  • Anti-Aging Properties: Witness a slowdown in the aging process, leading to a reduction in wrinkles.

Key Ingredients:

  • Astaxanthin 8 mg: A powerful antioxidant that enhances skin elasticity and fights signs of aging.
  • Glutathione Precursors: Two essential compounds that support the body's production of glutathione, a key player in skin health.
  • Zinc: Regulates oil production and promotes skin healing.
  • Acerola Cherry: Packed with Vitamin C, contributing to collagen formation for firm skin.
  • Grape Seeds: Exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, promoting overall skin health.
  • White Tomatoes: Rich in antioxidants, aiding in reducing pigmentation and inflammation.


Take 1-2 capsules daily for a comprehensive skincare routine that works from the inside out.

JENNO GLUTA ASTRA is not just a beauty product; it's a commitment to healthier, more radiant skin. Elevate your skincare routine with this Japanese-inspired formulation and unveil a new level of confidence in your own skin.

Content: 30 Capsules

FDA Registration Number: 13-1-08565-5-0019

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