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Product Details:

Introducing KENKI's Curucumin Gummy, a natural dietary supplement that combines the powerful antioxidant benefits of turmeric and black pepper extracts in a delicious pectin-based gummy form. Unlike other gummies made from animal-based gelatin, KENKI's Curcumin Gummy is plant-based and easier to digest, making it suitable for all genders and ages, including vegetarians.

Not only does KENKI's Curucumin Gummy taste great, but it also offers many health benefits. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is known for its ability to help eliminate toxins in the liver, reduce symptoms of fatty liver, and strengthen liver performance. Additionally, the black pepper extract, piperine, enhances the bioavailability of curcumin, making it easier for the body to absorb and utilize.


  • Made from pectin, a plant-based alternative to gelatin
  • Easy to digest and suitable for all genders and ages, including vegetarians
  • Delicious gummy form that is easy to chew and swallow
  • Sugar-free and won't increase sugar levels in the body
  • Certified by FDA Thailand and produced in international quality-certified factories
  • Contains curcumin and piperine for powerful antioxidant and liver-boosting benefits
  • Helps eliminate toxins in the liver
  • Reduces symptoms of fatty liver
  • Strengthens liver performance
  • Protects the liver from free radicals
  • Enhances the efficiency of the digestive system
  • Increases efficiency in digestion, making the most of the benefits of vitamins and minerals

Key Ingredients:

  • Curcumin: Helps to eliminate toxins accumulated in the liver, reduce symptoms of fatty liver, and protect the liver from free radicals. It also strengthens the performance of the liver and helps with complete liver restoration.
  • Piperine: Helps to increase the efficiency of the digestive system, making the most of the benefits of vitamins and minerals.

Kenki Curucumin Gummy is an essential supplement for those who want to support their liver health and immunity in a delicious, easy, and convenient way.


Using Kenki Curucumin Gummy is easy with these steps:

  • Take one gummy daily on an empty stomach or with a meal to support your liver health and overall well-being. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

Each gummy provides the equivalent of consuming 65 capsules of turmeric powder (16,000 mg) in terms of curcumin content. With its delicious taste and powerful health benefits, KENKI's Curcumin Gummy is an essential dietary supplement for anyone looking to boost their liver health and overall well-being.

Content: 60 Tablets - Gummies

FDA Registration Number: 10-3-24257-5-0120