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Khaolaor Andrographis paniculata Extract Protection Status

Product Details:

Thai herbs have been a traditional Thai medical method since the past, which has been with Thai people for thousands of years. But when modern medicine has become more active Properties and values ​​of herbs, which can be called ancient wisdom, were reduced. But for some homes and households, there is still a way to treat the initial symptoms such as headaches, heat, and fever.

Khaolaor Andrographis paniculata Extract helps in reducing fever, and heat, relieving sore throat. Help diarrhea not to get infected.

Each capsule contains:

Andrographolide 9 mg.


For treatment of sore throat, adult 1 capsule 4 times a day after a meal and at bedtime use for 7 days. For treatment of diarrhea, Adult 1 capsule 4 times a day after a meal and at bedtime use 2 days.

Content: 50 Capsules/Bottle

FDA Registration Number: G 292/43