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Leaders Clinic Recovery Mask 1's (10 Pieces)

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Skincare products that accumulate from daily routine. PH of the skin cleansing to make changes. And the cause of many skin problems for a long day's accumulated problems. Balance after cleansing With the brightening Smooth the surface with Leaders Clinic Recovery Mask with antioxidant Astaxanthin helps. Stimulating the production of Collagen and help skin look smoother skin filled night radiant, healthy skin.

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After washing face mask paste on the face. Adjust to fit and then remove the bubbles. To keep the mask attached to the skin. Leave for 10-15 minutes, do not dry the mask on the face, pull out the mask and apply the fingertip over the skin to nourish the skin. Without rinse

Package contains 10 Pieces of Leaders Clinic Recovery Mask 1's