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Mi-Ne Pong Porm

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Product Details:

Introducing Mi-Ne Pong Porm, the lemon paste-flavored secret to a fresher, healthier you. This innovative powder not only tantalizes your taste buds but also helps you take control of your cravings and curb snacking. Mi-Ne Pong Porm is meticulously crafted to support your metabolism while ensuring zero sugar and no added starch. Let's delve into the comprehensive features and benefits of this incredible slimming powder:


  • Hunger Control: Mi-Ne Pong Porm effectively controls your appetite, keeping you feeling full for an extended period and reducing the urge to snack.

  • Zero Sugar: With 0% sugar, this powder ensures that your weight management journey is free from unnecessary added sugars.

  • Edema Reduction: Mi-Ne Pong Porm helps combat edema, reducing excess water retention.

  • Metabolism Booster: It's designed to boost your metabolism, helping your body burn calories more efficiently.

  • Vitamin C Enriched: Infused with Vitamin C, this powder not only supports your immune system but also contributes to overall health.

  • Fussy Eating Reduction: Mi-Ne Pong Porm can assist in reducing the desire to indulge in high-calorie, unhealthy foods.


  • Slimauma (Dietary Fiber): Acts as a fat binder, helping your body eliminate unwanted fat.

  • H20 Slim (Champignon Mushroom Extract): Contains Mucopolysaccharide, capable of trapping up to 80% of dietary fat.

  • Y-lean: Reduces appetite and inhibits fat accumulation.

  • Phenylalanine: An essential amino acid that curbs appetite.

  • Cactus Extract: High in fiber, it reduces hunger, keeps you feeling full, and assists in fat and cholesterol reduction.

  • L-Carnitine: Essential for breaking down fatty acids in the body.

  • Garcinia Extract: Helps reduce excess body fat.

  • Lemon Powder: Adds a refreshing lemon flavor and provides a boost of vitamin C.

Who is Slimming Powder Suitable For?

Mi-Ne Pong Porm is ideal for:

  • Individuals looking to manage their weight.
  • Those with a penchant for indulgent foods.
  • Buffet enthusiasts who want to curb their intake.
  • People aiming to shed accumulated body fat.
  • Those seeking to control their carbohydrate and sugar intake.


Enjoy one sachet of Mi-Ne Pong Porm daily in the morning. Simply mix it with 150 ml of water, whether cold or at room temperature. Start your journey to a healthier, more vibrant you with Mi-Ne Pong Porm today!

Mi-Ne Pong Porm - Your Secret to a Fresher You!

Content: 5 Sachets

FDA Registration Number: 73-1-26158-5-0298

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