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New 4K Plus Whitening Night Cream 20 g. With Coffee Scrub Soap 50g Protection Status

Product Details:

4K Plus Whitening Night Cream 20g:

The new 4K plus whitening night cream is a facial cream for the night that helps to brighten skin naturally.

- Reduce fade, freckles, black spots

- Reduce wrinkles, dark circles

- Helps to tighten pores

- Brighten skin

- Helps to reduce acne, acne

The main ingredients in the 4 K Plus Whitening Night Cream

- Glutathione helps to neutralize free radicals. Reduces melanin production That is the cause of dull skin, freckles, wrinkles by helping the intensity of dark circles gradually decrease

- with alpha arbutin and collagen to help tighten pores Makes the skin smooth, firm, white, clear, pleasant to the touch

- Contains ingredients from Korean Ginseng ( Ginseng) to help deeply nourish the face.

- The cream is rich in snow lotus extracts from Snow Lotus to reduce inflammation and pus.

Directions for the 4 K Plus Whitening Night Cream: Apply daily to the face before going to bed.

Notification number 10-1-61000031952

Coffee Scrub Soap 50g:

Phichy Coffee Scrub Soap by Phichaya soap coffee scrub soap Handmade packed with natural herbs turmeric, coffee grounds, coffee licorice scent your skin radiant. Naturally

- Helps to reduce melasmas, freckles

- Remove stretch marks

- Skin is smooth, soft, moist.

- Brighten skin

- Reduce inflammation of acne

- Reduces dark marks, redness

- Rejuvenating dark skin damaged by sun damage

How to use Phichy Coffee Scrub Soap: Used to clean the face and body daily, morning - evening.

Notification number 10-1-6010010338

You will receive 2 items:

1 x 4K Plus Whitening Night Cream 20g

1 x Phichy Coffee Scrub Soap 50g