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Oriental Princess Underarm Care Pure White Secret Cream Enriched Formula 50g. (2 Packs) Protection Status

Product details:

Intensive formula underarm care cream, adding white, clear, smooth to the touch. Combines the power of milk, vitamins and natural extracts. Makes dry and rough skin soft and smooth. And adjust skin color Evenly smooth It helps deodorant as well.

About Oriental Princess:

Oriental Princess, a cosmetic brand under the company OP Natural Products, a subsidiary of SSUP Group, was established in 1990 with the inspiration to continuously care for young women of all ages. And also understand the needs of women. Oriental Princess never stops to innovate and select various natural values. That is the birthplace of the beauty of the Eastern civilization To give to young women in the form of natural extracts For pampering And take care of beauty from hair to toe

Until today, Oriental Princess continues to grow a step further. Under a society of great friendship and bond that young women have to each other. And ready to share every story Through a medium that connects the beauty of precious from the Eastern world because we are the "Oriental Princess Society", a society that is ready to pass on the best tips to all women who do not stop being beautiful. For the perfect beauty In true oriental style,

Oriental Princess produces a wide variety of highly popular cosmetics and skin care products such as Cuticle Hair Treatment Plus Sunscreen for Permed Hair, Natural Power C Miracle Brightening Complex, Red Natural Whitening Phenomenon, etc.