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PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee Protection Status

Product Details:

Introducing PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee, the perfect blend of flavor and wellness! This unique instant coffee mix is carefully crafted to provide you with a boost of energy and a host of health benefits. With no sugar added and non-dairy creamer from coconut fat, it's a guilt-free indulgence that caters to your taste buds and well-being.


  • Stimulates the muscle-building process and reduces muscle degradation
  • Reduces the absorption of fat and starch, helping to control blood sugar levels and reduce hunger
  • Nourishes the nervous system and muscles
  • Reduces stress and improves concentration
  • Boosts metabolism and increases energy levels
  • Combats exhaustion and fatigue

PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee is enriched with essential amino acids such as BCAAs and L-Arginine, which support muscle development and promote overall health. It also contains a Vitamin B Complex to provide you with a vital dose of nutrients. With no trans fat and a low-calorie count of just 80 calories, it's a wholesome choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. Enjoy it hot or cold by brewing it with room temperature water for a refreshing experience.

Key Ingredients:

  • BCAAs: Stimulate muscle growth, reduce muscle breakdown, and enhance athletic performance
  • L-Arginine: Improves blood flow, promotes muscle development, and supports cardiovascular health
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Rich in antioxidants, aids in weight management, and boosts metabolism.
  • White Green Kidney Bean Extract: Reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and helps control blood sugar levels.

PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee is not just a delicious beverage; it's a powerful ally for your mind and body. Experience the invigorating effects and reap the multitude of benefits it offers. Start your day right and fuel your ambitions with PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee!


Using PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee is easy with these steps:

  • Brew PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee with room temperature water for the best taste and benefits
  • Enjoy it hot or cold, according to your preference
  • Consume it in the morning or whenever you need an energy boost

Elevate your energy and well-being with PRIDE MICS Energy Coffee today! Experience the perfect harmony of taste and health.

Content: 10 Sachets

FDA Registration Number: 11-1-10249-6-0166