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Smooth E Babyface Gel Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel Protection Status

Product Details:

Smooth E Babyface Gel Extra Sensitive Cleansing Gel 165ml Non-Ionic Surfactant (NIS) foaming cleansing gel cleans up your skin, leaving no residue; gentle formula for sensitive, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. With skincare and whitening agents Helps clear skin and reduce the chance of acne breakouts.

Cleansing gel formula without foam, 100% Non-Ionic, does not have an electric charge, so it does not leave a residue. Which is one of the causes of acne and wrinkles without substances that cause allergies and irritation. (Hypoallergenic)  and is the same formula recommended by dermatologists. It is gentle on the skin. The gel is free from a mixture of oil  (Oil Free) and alcohol  (Alcohol-Free)  and does not irritate. Even the delicate areas of the skin around the eyes. Therefore, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin or skin prone to acne prone.


A Gentle cleansing gel For sensitive skin and prone to acne.


  • Facial cleansing gel without foam.
  • For clear skin.
  • Gentle, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • It contains Alpha Arbutin.
  • It is the only formula recommended by dermatologists for those with skin problems.
  • Free from oil, alcohol, and SLS.


Squeeze the gel mixed with a bit of water, gently massage over the face, then rinse with clean water.

Content: 165 ml