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Smooth E Gold Perfect Eye Solution Protection Status

Product Details:

Smooth E Gold Perfect Eye Solution 15ml Eye and eyelid serum from Smooth E helps reduce swelling, bruises, and dark circles under the eyes. Ready to nourish the skin around the eyes to be strong. Optimize skin in anti-pollution For the skin around the eyes that is radiant, smooth, bright, and looks younger.


The research of medical scientists found that Glycosaminoglycans, which is an essential ingredient of Smooth E Gold Perfect Eye Solution Triple Results has unique properties like Natural enzyme Inhibitor that can inhibit the activity of MMP enzymes and inhibit free radicals caused by oxygen pollution and carbon dioxide in the air Thus helping to maintain the balance and strength of the tissues outside the skin cells as well. It also helps to strengthen the walls of the capillaries under the skin, making the skin not fragile and not easy to bruise. Dark circles and bruises under the eyes look reduced and faded. It helps the overall skin structure be strong and increases the skin's efficiency to resist pollution.


  • Reduce wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Reduce swelling and bruises around the eyes.
  • The serum helps to solve problems and nourish the eyes.
  • Reduce the destruction of collagen in the skin around the eyes.


After washing your face, apply a thin layer of serum with your ring finger around the eyes and eyelids twice a day before using other nourishing creams. Press gently to increase blood flow from the eye's corner to the eye's corner by applying to the skin under the eyes first, then apply on the upper eyelid.

Content: 15ml

FDA Registration: 10-1-6010031553