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SNAIL WHITE Gold Body Gel Serum
With Glutathione and Collagen

Small particles of gold, making it penetrate deeply into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. While inhibiting the collagen, Elastin, and structural proteins in the skin layers, Make the skin brighter and younger. Besides, it also helps to restore every molecule in the skin as well. The process of adding water to the skin. Makes the skin moisturized, looks full with tightened pores. Smoothens the skin While preventing the loss of water under the skin, which causes wrinkles. Make the skin firm and elastic Looks radiant like a young girl.


  • speed x10 in whitening
  • serum formula that hydrates & moisturizes your skin twice the power of ordinary lotion
  • with snail mucus that repairs damaged cells bringing back healthy young looking skin
  • packed with glutathione and collagen for healthy and glowing skin
  • Double the power of your ordinary lotion with its snail white formula combined with serum that deeply moisturizes & whitens skin fast.

Size: 500ML