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Vistra Active Collagen 5000 Mg Plus L-Glutathione Protection Status

Product Details:

Vistra Active Collagen 5000 Mg Plus L-Glutathione Coenzyme Q10 & Zinc Orange [10g x 10 Sachets] Dietary supplement from Vistra contains Collagen Tri-Peptide 5000 mg. glutathione supplement inhibits the formation of black pigment, and grape seeds help antioxidant also add mineral zinc Helps to strengthen immunity.


Vistra Active collagen has tiny and uniform molecules called collagen tripeptide 5000. As a result, it can fast absorb, leading to good efficacy. It helps to prevent and eliminate wrinkles and increase moisturizing. Moreover, adding glutathione and grape seed. It improves skin darkness, retains moisture, protects and minimizes wrinkles, and protects against UV radiation. Zinc Minerals have many multifunctions; for example, they help strengthen immunity, reduce the severity of flu symptoms, help relieve inflammation from acne, boost men’s performance and nourish hair and nail care health. Material import from France.


  • Collagen tripeptide is Collagen through the digestion process with enzymes until the molecules are tiny and have a consistent size for the body to absorb and can be used quickly 
  • Coenzyme Q10  is a source of energy for cells throughout the body.
  • L-Glutathione Helps improve skin health
  • Zinc People who want to prevent acne, Those who want to take care of nails and hair.

Suitable for:

People who want to take care of overall skin health

People who want to take care of hair health and nails


Take one sachet a day in the morning half an hour before meals.

Content: 10g x 10 Sachets

FDA Registration: 10-1-12650-5-0024