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Wang Prom Thai Balm for Joint and Muscle Pain 50 g (3 Packs) Protection Status

Product Details:

Thai balms Wang Prom are a 100% natural and effective means for pain in muscles, joints, sprains, problems in connective tissues. And also in the treatment of colds and respiratory diseases. Widely used for body massage.

Green balm (COOL) has an intense effect on muscles and joints, relieves spasms and muscle tension, helps with chondrosis, sprains. Cooling effect!

Blue balm (COOL) for massage, as a tonic of tissues, from varicose veins, for the treatment of inflammation, arthritis, muscle, and joint pain, like an inhaler for the prevention and treatment of colds. Cooling effect!

Orange balm (COOL) with cryptolepsis helps to relieve inflammation and pain in arthritis, arthrosis, joint, and muscle pain. It softens the tendons and eliminates muscle tension, improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Cooling effect!

Pink balm (COOL) with Lotus helps to Relieve fatigue, relax after a hard day, training, physical labor. Relieve the condition during a cold, remove the ache in the bones, cough, runny nose, sore throat. To struggle with a headache, insomnia, to concentrate attention. Relieves pain when the nerve is caught.
Lotus extract - has a powerful relaxing effect. Cooling effect!

Yellow balm (COOL) with Ginger removes swelling, inflammation, all kinds of pain - in the muscles, joints, head, and other parts of the body. Cooling effect!

Gold balm (HOT) The Thai balm gold (50g pot) Wang Prom quickly relieves muscle pain. It is composed of natural Thai plants and Zingiber. By inhaling the gold balm, it will quickly clear a stuffy nose problem.

White Balm (HOT) well helps to treat various neuralgias. It is recommended to rub the place of pinching of the nerve in case of intercostal, facial, neuralgia of sciatica, and trigeminal nerves. It is necessary to wrap up the treated parts of the body, most effective when applied before bedtime. Warming effect!

Lemongrass Balm (COOL) is Designed for external use to relieve fatigue, pain, swelling, is an anti-inflammatory, relaxing, soothing, and anesthetic. For antipruritic due to insect bites and use as a mosquito repellent. Cooling effect!


Apply a dose of balm to the surface of the skin on the painful areas with a thin layer, gently rubbing with light massage movements. For external use only.


Content: 3 Packs x 50g each

Made in Thailand by Wang Prom