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X3 Lachel Vitamin C Dietary Supplement Product (3 Sachets)

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Product Details:

The Benefits of Vitamin C for your skin’s health and beauty

  1. Keep skin healthy and glowing
  2. Vitamin C deficiency causes many skin problems
  3. Vitamin C is important for collagen formation
  4. Vitamin C, is an antioxidant
  5. Treat cancer
  6. Fighting strokes
  7. Improve the mood
  8. Improve immunity
  9. Heals wounds
  10. Reducing hypertension
  11. Control of asthma
  12. Cure diabetes
  13. Prevent heart disease
  14. Cure lead toxicity
  15. Overcoming vasodilation


How to use:

Take 1 capsule daily. Take with the other supplement to boost effectiveness.


Acerola Cherry Extract (200mg), Ascorbic Acid (150mg), Citrus Extract (50mg), Rosehip Extract (50mg), Carrot Extract (40mg), Vit E (10mg)


Thailand FDA approved

Products Made in Thailand

GMP , Halal , ISO

SAFE for ages 13 and above


Size: 60 capsules

FDA number: 13-1-13658-5-0033

You will receive 3 Sachets of Lachel Vitamin C