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Yanhee Glutacap 500

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Product Description:

Most people desire to have healthy, glowing skin. Gluta Cap 500 can make those dreams come true. Gluta Cap contains L-Glutathione that provides more a radiant and glowing complexion while delaying the process of aging and improving the condition of your skin. L-Glutathione is an anti-aging amino acid that will improve the functions of your heart, lungs and liver. It will also defend your body against the side effects of alcohol, cigarette smoke and radiation poisoning.



1-2 capsules after breakfast


Ingredients (each capsule contains):

L-Glutathione 250mg.

L-Cysteine 200mg.

L-Ascorbic Acid 50mg.


Content: 30 capsules

FDA number:  12-1-48441-1-0034