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Yanhee YAYA Phytopreparation Slimming Protection Status

Product Details:

Since ancient times all over the world appreciated the useful properties of Senna. It is a wild plant growing in the tropics, known also under the name uzkolisty Cassia (Senna leaf). When used in drinking the decoction of Senna obtained a pronounced laxative effect. Thanks to this result, it is possible to normalize the digestive process, the intestines, to solve the problem of chronic constipation. The active components of Senna can effectively control a person's weight, contributing to weight loss. That is why Senna is used as a leading ingredient in natural teas for weight loss. The presence of Senna is the main active substances antraglikozidy - causes a cleansing action. The mechanics of the process is that annoyed receptors mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, decreases secretion, and at the same time stimulates peristalsis of the Department of colon. It is the evocation of pain in the area near the navel in the form of seizures, and characteristic of soft Senna laxative action of nature, making its use even in the field of Pediatrics. The presence of Cassia fistula (Cassia fistula) - contains anthracenedione, flavonoids. Has a mild laxative effect, the Fruits and leaves of Cassia tubular interesting content antraglikozidy (rein, candidin, aloe-emodin) as well as flavonoids, intraprostatic, alkaloids, resins, organic acids and phytosterols. Cassia fistula has a positive effect on motor function of the colon. Used as a laxative and cholagogue. It is used in the form of infusions and decoctions for hemorrhoids, fissures, in some diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Useful properties of medicinal plants are effective in acute conjunctivitis, pyoderma and various skin diseases. The presence of lush Carnation, Dianthusdeltoides and colored clove (Eugenia ) - the strongest antiseptic (antibacterial, antiviral property) and a carminative (reduces gas formation in the intestine). Prevents and eliminates intestinal cramps and pain. Antispasmodic action. Eliminates intestinal parasites. The source of manganese, omega-3, omega-6 PUFA.

• Sense of fullness or flatulence, dyspepsia. 
• Heartburn, belching in GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), pain in the epigastric region. 
• Relieve constipation. 
• Use in combination with other herbs to help lose weight. In obese patients with symptoms associated with constipation. 
• Easier as after the constipation. 

Pharmacological effects: 
• Laxative, cholagogue. 

Senna Alexandria Mill 76mg., Cassia Fistula 76 mg, Eugenia Caryophyllus 19mg., Senna Alexandrina Mill 19mg.

 2-3 capsules once a day before bedtime with a large glass of water first. 

Contraindications: Pregnancy. do Not use in severe pain in the abdomen, or diarrhoea. 

Manufacturer: Product Yanhee , Thailand.
Size:  Yanhee Product YAYA 60capsules 
Registration: G 1216/47.