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LARB (Thai meat salad with mint leaves) MEAL KIT (3 Kits)

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Product Details:

Larb is a type of Thai meat salad. It is most often made with chicken, beef, fish, pork or mushrooms, floored with fish sauce, lime juice, roasted grounded rice and fresh herbs. The meat can be either raw or cooked. It is minced and mixed with chili, mint leaves, and optionally assorted vegetables.

Larb - is one of the most popular and fastest Thai dishes. Larb is made from ground meat with lime juice, fish sauce, fresh herbs and powders from fried rice.

All ingredients are included (coconut cream powder, whole-piece herbs, palm sugar, etc.) and separately packed in numbering sachets. Just follow the number on the sachet, add your choice of meat and enjoy.

 It takes only 5-7 minutes. You can make it with either stove top or microwave.

Serving Size: 2-3 Persons, Net Weight / Pack: 55 g.

Content: 3 Packs (55 g. each)